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FSN Seminar – September 10 at 1 pm EDT

Update #2:

Seminar recording posted on YouTube:

Here are the slides:

Update #1:

Please register to attend at the following link: <Deleted as event has passed>

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Developing & Using Post-Pandemic Scenarios: Opportunities Abound!

by Greg MacGillivray, Arden Brummell & Alan Blue

Scenarios to Strategy Inc. (S2S) can be reached at:  

Introduction: S2S has been using Scenario Planning since 2005 and has applied a Foresight approach in the context of Scenario development to develop post-pandemic scenarios looking out to 2023 and beyond. This webinar will review and discuss the Scenario Planning process and will be followed by a lively discussion of the strategic implications the scenarios raise after this S2S’ presentation.

What: S2S has been working collaboratively with an ever evolving expert team to first build and then share the post-pandemic scenarios. With a focus on Canada and the post-pandemic future, we would like to share the scenarios to: (1) inform strategic decisions; and (2) build back better. Put another way, we want to (a) deliver real strategic value to Canadian organizations trying to make sense of an uncertain future organization; and (b) more broadly, inspire Canadians to embrace a renewed collective ambition of strengthening our social fabric and the communities where we live, work and play.

Who: S2S will be working collaboratively with (1) individual public, private and non-profit organizations; (2) multi-stakeholder groups and associations; and (3) member-based organizations (e.g., chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, chambers of voluntary organizations; etc.) to address these strategic opportunities. Here our aspiration is to help organizations not only survive but thrive post pandemic. More broadly, we will be engaging citizens in what ‘better’ looks like – better municipalities, better provinces (near-term focus on Alberta) and a better Canada. Our early thinking here is to develop a robust vision for each with strategies to achieve them.

How: The broad scenarios provide a head-start in the Scenarios-to-Strategy Process. We start by asking broad questions that explore what each scenario might mean to key stakeholders (e.g., specific public, private or non-profit organizations), specific variables (e.g., GDP, inflation, interest rates and oil prices) or important sectors (e.g., private, public, voluntary, energy, petrochemical, retail, services and travel). We then take a deeper dive into the specific implications for the organization(s) through a series of questions that bridge directly into the organization’s strategy. We deliver collaboratively designed, professionally facilitated online, face-to-face or hybrid sessions. The sessions are: (1) tailored to the specific audience and time they have available; (2) highly interactive and participatory conversations; and (3) designed to build shared understanding. S2S brings its design and facilitation experience and those with whom we collaborate with bring their expertise and knowledge of their focus/business and their community. S2S has a track record of success across a wide range of public, private and not-for-profit organizations and multi-stakeholder groups. Participants not only build a shared understanding of how the future could unfold, they build the ideas, relationships, alignment, engagement and performance that drive success.

You: We look forward to your thoughts, feedback and ideas on our work on August 27th.


Greg MacGillivray is Managing Director of S2S whose ‘why’ is Improving Organizations. After 20 years in the energy sector, where he fell in love with strategy, Greg founded S2S. With 15 associates across Canada, and in collaboration with many partners, S2S has developed effective ways for individuals, groups, organizations, multi-stakeholder groups and even jurisdictions to improve. Simple approaches that help people build the ideas, relationships, alignment, engagement and performance that drives success. Through the course of more than 100 engagements for more than 50 clients since 2005, S2S has earned a Net Promoter Score of 9.4/10 that is supported by generous client testimonials. S2S is also looking to take its practice global in 2021. Strategic conversation. Action. Success!

Greg believes that connection is the cure to what ails people, organizations, economies and the planet. He supports the shift to capitalism with purpose and his life’s work is creating a world where everyone is enough, has enough and contributes their best. He has supported more than 50 not-for-profits, was an active sports coach for 15 years, started an award-winning corporate volunteer program while at Suncor, and has sat on a variety of boards. He also enjoys outdoor pursuits and spending quality time with his wife Marilyn, son Michael and anyone who believes in better.

Arden Brummell is Managing Director of S2S, a firm that listens, then designs & facilitates strategic conversations that use scenario, strategic planning & facilitation processes to build the ideas, relationships & alignment that drive success.

Arden has over 30 years of experience in strategic management with a primary focus on the use of scenario planning to promote organizational learning and strategy development. After 5 years as a professor of urban economic geography, Arden joined Shell Canada. Arden participated on the original scenario development team at Shell, later became head of scenario and strategic studies and was seconded twice to London to Shell’s global scenario team, where he led studies on the future of the then Soviet Union, Africa and Latin America utilizing highly interactive and intensive learning workshop processes.

In addition to founding Decision Futures Inc. and Global Business Network Canada, Arden joined Greg MacGillivray in establishing Scenarios to Strategy Inc. Arden has helped a variety of large and small organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors understand change, focus on their priorities and implement better strategic decisions. He has been an active volunteer for several non-profit community organizations. S

Alan Blue is a Senior Associate of S2S, a firm that listens, then designs & facilitates strategic conversations that use scenario, strategic planning & facilitation processes to build the ideas, relationships & alignment that drive success

Alan has over 50 years’ experience in business. This includes 35 years in the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies in upstream, downstream, gas and power and heavy oil divisions. His positions included VP in Marketing, the President of a Shell subsidiary and Global Manager of another Shell business. Alan also brings a broad diversity of experience at the senior manager level.

After quickly failing retirement, Alan continues to work as a management consultant. He does so in industry, with various levels of government, and as an aspirational speaker. He also works as the head of North American marketing for the world’s largest air-cooled, industrial heat exchanger manufacturer and for a large Japanese conglomerate. Alan also worked as a consultant to Shell for some 15 years.

This experience has given Alan a passion to assist businesses in driving towards top-quartile performance. He emphasizes the importance of developing a commercial mindset and understanding how to set up teams that get results (e.g., skills needed, team norms, conflict resolution, etc.). He is also focused on building a shared understanding of how people (e.g., individuals, colleagues, third parties, supervisors, etc.) make decisions and how this information can be used to result in better decisions for your company.

Alan graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics and from the University of Life with a post-graduate degree in very real practical business experience. He has also served on the Board of Directors for two different enterprises.

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  1. I will attend the meeting Aug. 27. Please send link. Tony

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