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FSN Seminar – June 27 – RESCHEDULED!

Please note: This event is cancelled till august or in the fall, we will use this space for FSN Fall general planning meeting.

Thur June 27th at 1300-1600  room DMS 7170

Dr. Christopher Cooper; CEO of Tech Forward; an innovative nanotechnology research and eco-products company; currently based in Phoenix * will describe his 20 year journey in developing superior water treatment systems using carbon  nanotubes ;  Chris also plans to demonstrate a scaled-down version of the technology using a variety of local tap and waste water sources 

*Dr. Cooper is in Ottawa as part of a strategic assessment tour of 10 Canadian cities located in 4 Provinces;  This tour is being organized by TFCI Canada in order to explore the diverse situations  and appreciate the nano-infrastructural assets and the industrial development potentials of the10 9 cities;    and also to support TECH FORWARD in its strategic objective to select one or more of the 10  cities as a base for developing Canadian operations.

Reception & Networking Event:

Also note that   from 1630-1930;  on June 27th; the FSN ;  TFCI Canada and  Dr Cooper’s company Tech Forward will host a by invitation Reception & Networking Event for government and university research and innovation leaders in room DMS  4101.

The Reception will feature a selection of regional craft beers and Niagara wines available for comparative tasting and sale; Admission is free; but pre-registration by June 26th is required using  thte ticket system. FSN members and participants are encouraged and welcome to attend. To receive an invitation please send your request to smithjack57@GMAIL.C0M;  by June 26th.


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