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FSN Seminar – June 14

Update – here are the slides – Ottawa 14 June 2019

Dr. David Harries:  Much Ado, About Nothing that is not Relevant for the Future

Time & Location: June 14, 1 pm at DMS 4165.


At two recent , by-invitation, international events, whether or not ‘the world is going to hell in a handbasket’ was of less concern than that no one is in charge and, worse, that appropriate ‘leading’ is unlikely to appear soon enough because the reasons for its absence are too little seen, too little heard and too little spoken of.

David Harries will share what he saw, heard and spoke of at and since the EuroPugwash meeting in Bristol (28 Feb-1 Mar) and the Seventh Baku Global Forum (13-17 Mar) that seem to most need acknowledgement to enable progress in arresting threats to and identifying opportunities for human and planetary well-being.


A Canadian citizen since birth, he has lived in 20 countries and paid between 1 and 20 working visits to another 93. After education as a nuclear engineer, he has worked in the public and private sectors as a senior military officer, as a consultant on personal and corporate security, and as a senior advisor and professor in heavy engineering, national development, humanitarian aid, post-conflict and post-disaster response and recovery, executive development in strategic foresight, and post-graduate university education.

Based in Kingston Ontario, he does research, facilitation and application of strategic foresight focusing on the five security domains and their connections, and on comparative civil military relations, indigenous women entrepreneurship, leadership, and on human security engineering in support of societal resilience.

Current major associations

–        Member: Canadian Pugwash

–        Associate Executive Director of Foresight Canada

–        Fellow: World Academy of Art and Science

–        President: Proteus Canada

–        Director: Foresight operations at

–        Assistant Coach of the RMC Men’s Varsity Rugby Team.

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