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FSN Workshop – March 25

Foresight Synergy Network Workshop

Part 2: Impact of Advanced Information & Communications Technologies on the

Governance of the State

Monday March 25, 2019

11:30 – 15:00

University of Ottawa

Telfer School of Management

Desmarais Building Room 7170

55 Laurier Ave E



At the 1st Workshop on this topic, held March 18th, participants asked to continue with a follow-on Workshop to further the development of scenarios, hence this date and time as the earliest available and current with the recent discussion.  For further information see Workshop Notice below for March 18th.

As noted in the previous Workshop, democracy is under threat.  Fake news and alternative facts are increasingly penetrating the public commons.  Autocratic states are using advanced ICTs to monitor citizens in unprecedented ways.  Cyberspace is becoming an environment for nefarious actions by both state and non-state actors seeking many conflicting objectives ranging from eavesdropping and espionage to influencing public processes such as elections.

This workshop will further develop the prescient views from participants as to this unfolding drama that is sweeping the world.  We look out in three timeframes between now and 2100.

Note that anyone interested in Foresight can join in this 2nd workshop without a requirement to have been at the 1st event as this gathering is simply continuing with using Foresight to develop scenarios in timeframes that have not been addressed yet.

There will be a plenary session with each group presenting its views as per the format prescribed for the Workshop.  A follow-up Workshop will be held within a month or so to review and refine the scenarios with a view to crafting a document for wider circulation.

The Workshop will be facilitated by Stephen Fanjoy and Peter MacKinnon, as in the last event.

Please note, feel free to bring a brown bag lunch.

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