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Feb 25 – Jack E. Smith

Update 2: Rescheduled to Monday Feb 25, 11:30 am in Room DMS 4165 or 7170 @ 55 Laurier  Ave,  East Ottawa.

Update: Wednesday, 13th February Foresight Seminar Canceled due to Weather.  Check the website for the rescheduled date.  Email list members will receive notice of the new date when it is available.

The next FSN meeting is Wednesday Feb 13 [DMS 4165  at 12:30], where Jack Smith will be presenting a talk on following topic:

Join Jack E. Smith, an adjunct emeritus professor at the University of Ottawa and the CEO of TFCI Canada Inc. as he kickstarts the winter program of the FSN for 2019       Hindsight on Foresight. Jack will bring an overview of foresight practices in Canada and a summary of the evolutionary development of Canadian public foresight since 1966. During the 5 decades, a broad definition of foresight has been adopted to ensure an inclusive approach to organizations involved in public foresight–including research oriented toward shaping the future of foresight – a least in Canada.

About Jack E. Smith

Jack E. Smith is a graduate of Cornell  and  Queen’s universities. Following a 30 year career in the federal Public Service,  he became an Adjunct Professor at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa in 2007. Mr. Smith currently is Chair of the Foresight Synergy Network (FSN) of Canada, and President of  TFCI Canada Inc.  He  also has been a member of the International Advisory Board for the APEC Center for Technology Foresight in Bangkok and a member of the Technical Committee for the European Commission’s Future Technology Assessment Conference .

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