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Nov. 23 – Stephen Fanjoy

Update: Here is the presentation Technology and Democracy 2018.11.23

The next FSN meeting is Friday Nov. 23 [DMS 4165  at 12:30], where Stephan Fanjoy will be presenting a talk on following topic:

Technology and Democracy: Self-correcting or Collision Course?
Communication and information technology has always played a role in politics, from the era of the first printed words, to religious texts, the Gutenberg press, newspapers, the telegraph, radio, television and, of course now, the internet. Until very recently, the normative view was that these technologies were a constructive, humanistic force that generally helped to achieve, among other things, more just, functional, rational and accountable political governance. This view was held no more firmly than in democratic states, especially during the Cold War era through to the early years of mass internet adoption. But almost all technologies have dual uses and, compared to authoritarian governance, democracy is a historically young, incomplete, and fragile human institution.The technology developments of the last half decade and a critical appreciation of the information operations, propaganda, and psychology of the last century suggest much future uncertainty about the role that technology may continue to play in advancing democracy. This overview will raise many questions, answer too few, but should stimulate much discussion and thought.
Stephen Fanjoy is a management consultant, director, and interim executive to startup entrepreneurs, specializing in business software, including significant experience in novel cybersecurity, medical device and data science solutions. To-date, Stephen has played a leading role in securing over $10 million in angel and non-dilutive startup financing and over $50 million in premium-valuation founder exits. Stephen has over two decades of experience in enterprise software, including executive and senior management roles in strategy, product management, marketing, analyst relations, business development, and mergers and acquisitions at SHL VISION* Solutions (acquired by Autodesk), Oracle, and  Watchfire (acquired by IBM). Stephen was also a founding Director of the Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organizations (OBIO), former Co-Chair of the Ottawa Life Sciences Cluster, Chair of the Ottawa eBusiness Cluster and Director of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario. Stephen is an honours graduate of the Dalhousie University School of Business and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

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