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July 20 – Ed Bernacki

Next FSN meeting is on July 20 [12:00 – 3:30 pm, Room 4165 at Telfer School of Management] by Ed Bernacki.
The Idea Factory Challenge by Ed Bernacki
A challenge for the Foresight Group is to find a way to engage with interesting problems to solve in Ottawa. This prompted a bigger issue that I would like to explore. It is obvious that the Foresight Group has vast expertise and experience.  For several years I have wondered about the need for a social innovation to harness the expertise and knowledge of people from 50 to 75 years of age. They are experts in many fields. How can this be harnessed and focused on solving the current and future challenges of society?
What if the expertise of 20 Foresight people could be harnessed? What could this look like?
What if the expertise of 200,000 people could be harnessed? What could this look like?
This session is a short presentation to explore this problem and then an idea factory to get your ideas to explore how a new idea could shape a social innovation in society.
There could be a tremendous opportunity for the Foresight Group to shape a national organization.
 I drafted a background document to prompt your thinking on this challenge. See attached. 
Ed Bernacki has spent much of the past 28 years working and moving between New Zealand, Australia and Canada, where he worked on numerous innovation projects. His particular expertise is service and public service innovation. He is highly published overseas and authored several books. 
He also invented a new type of notebook / idea journal to replace the standard notebook used in many settings.  MBA students in September at Telfer will his new analogue innovation – a Student Navigator Notebook. 

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