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FSN meeting will be October 26 by John Verdon

Update: Slides of the presentation – Apprehension of Future Uncertainty – 4th Gen foresigh – FSN – Oct 2017

Abstract of the presentation:

Simple Actions – Complex Worlds​ – Unknowable Implications
Framing the Future of Conditions of S​ocial-Economic Identity
Anticipating a Fourth Generation ​of ​Foresight

​The presentation will outline a view of change as Changing Conditions of Change. A concept of ‘Attractor of Efficiency and Governance’ will be presented. Next we will examine the conditions of the Digital Environment​, the emergence of an ‘economy of abundance’ with a corresponding need for an appropriate economic theory. There will be a very brief history of Social-Economic Constraints Framing Identity.

The presentation will conclude with a brief account of emerging implications for a potential epistemology and sense-making for common meaning. This final discussion will argue for the emergence of a Fourth Generation​ for public​ ​policy ​Foresight.​

About the presenter: John Verdon Hon B.A Psych. MA Anthropology

John’s educational background includes a BA in psychology, MA in anthropology, and PhD course work in both sociology and philosophy (degrees not completed). His research and learning is a broad with mastery in a number of domains including foresight, complexity, economics, and technology. He is retired after 25 years as a public servant (15 years as a strategic foresight analyst for National Defence). Currently he is a consultant and writer. He has worked with start-up in Silicon Valley and he is a co-founder of a social enterprise establishing a social-studio for adults on the autism spectrum. He maintains a blog and writes for other organizations. His current project is a book ‘The Wealth of People” – exploring theory and philosophy for flourishing human capital in the 21st Century.


Thursday October 26 DMS 4165 John Verdon -tbc 1200-1400
Friday November 24 DMS 4165 Jack Smith –    Foresight Insight from Hindsight 1200-1400
Friday December 15 DMS 4165 David Harries – Cyber-Security – tbc 1200-1400
Note: times and room assignments are tentative till confirmed on the FSN web site and via regular meeting notices


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