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FSN Meeting – June 29

Update – Link to slides: Kirk_FSN_4x3_2017-06-28a
About the topic: Autonomous Vehicles: The Next Disruptive Technology
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will change our lives and society in the 21st Century as much as the arrival of cars did during the 20th Century. Barrie Kirk will provide an overview of the status, deployment and trends of AVs, Non-Passenger AVs (NPAVs), and Personal Airborne Vehicles (PAVs). He will also describe the socio-economic impacts on our lives, our cities, the economy and the world.
About the presenter: Barrie C. Kirk, P.Eng.
Barrie Kirk is the Executive Director of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE). He has worked in the technology industries in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., including senior management positions in Ottawa-area companies. He is a well-known keynote speaker, broadcaster and consultant, and regularly speaks on the subject of automated vehicles. He has been a consultant since 1982 focusing on the impact of various emerging technologies. Barrie received a B.Sc. (Honours) in Electrical Engineering from Coventry University, U.K. and he is a Professional Engineer  

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