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FSN Spring Schedule 2019

When WHAT Where
1.     Thur June 6th @1300-1600   To be rescheduled Dr. Derek Ireland  Development Choices for Nepal; a Wicked Problem;  and a Foresight Challenge  DMS 4165
2.     Fri  June  14th


Dr. David Harries:  Surprises From The Beyond With Signals For The Future  DMS 4165
3.     Thur  June 20th 


available for the democracy scenArIOs ComplETION woRkshop  DMS 7170
4.     Fri June 21st 


Gary Klein on Creating Sustainable Energy Efficient; Low Carbon  Futures    The  California Energy Future Vision   DMS 7170

DMS 4165

5.     Thur June 27th          


This event is cancelled till august or in the fall, we will use this space for FSN Fall general planning meeting.

Dr. Christopher Cooper; CEO of Tech Forward; an innovative nanotechnology research and eco-products company; currently based in Phoenix *   will describe his 20 year journey in developing superior water treatment systems using carbon  nanotubes ;  Chris also plans to demonstrate a scaled-down version of the technology using a variety of local tap and waste water sources


*Dr. Cooper is in Ottawa as part of a strategic assessment tour of 10 Canadian cities located in 4 Provinces;  This tour is being organized by TFCI Canada in order to explore the diverse situations  and appreciate the nano-infrastructural assets and the industrial development potentials of the10 9 cities;    and also to support TECH FORWARD in its strategic objective to select one or more of the 10  cities as a base for developing Canadian operations.

 DMS 7170
6.     Fri July 5th


Riel Miller, Head of Foresight Literacy for UNESCO will talk to us about his work in foresight literacy and his recent book Transforming the Future


DMS  7170
Reception & Networking Event

Also note that   from 1630-1930;  on June 27th; the FSN ;  TFCI Canada and  Dr Cooper’s company Tech Forward will host a by invitation Reception & Networking Event for government and university research and innovation leaders in room DMS  4101.

The Reception will feature a selection of regional craft beers and Niagara wines available for comparative tasting and sale;

Admission is free; but pre-registration by June 26th is required using  thte ticket system.

FSN members and participants are encouraged and welcome to attend.

To receive an invitation please send your request to smithjack57@GMAIL.C0M;  by June 26th.


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